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  • If the passenger cancelled the tickets, then the amount deposited by that passenger will be returned by the KSRTC in his or her account by the online banking system.
  • In a case, the cash amount of the passenger is debited from his or her account but ticket not booked then in that case, passenger has to send an e-mail to the respective account named onlinerefund@ksrtc.org with his or her USERID and reference no. with OB of his or her transaction. Through the online banking, the amount will be debited to the account after the details are verified.

    If the Refunds Takes Place Due to:

    • KSRTC cancelled the service or
    • If the booking service stopped just before completion of 30 minutes just few time of departure, then the online cancellation of ticket will not be possible.
    • Problem With Software

      In order to refund, an email will be sent by the passenger along with PNR no., OB reference, USERID to the awatar@ksrtc.org.  The details will be verified by the AWATAR section of the traffic department and then the refund amount will be credited to the account of the passenger. If a person wants to cancel the service, then he or she should be cancel the ticket within the 15 days after the date of the journey.

      The fund can be credited through the online system in the account of the passenger in case of any other reason and the person has to email to the website awatar@ksrtc.org along with OB reference no., PNR no., and USERID of that passenger. This request should be sent within the 30 days from the journey date and in case of late, the request will not be considerable.

      The passenger will get his cash back within the time of 15 days of working after the ticket cancelled.


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