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  • Only if the advance booking is allowed then only ticket cancellation is allowed.  This will be done at the time prior to the departure within 30 minutes normally.
  • Booking May stopped very earlier from that remote place if the departure is at early morning or at late night.  The example can be given in such a way that the booking can be stopped on previous day at 2200 hours if the departing is at 0500 hours.
  • The slabs of the cancellation were depended upon the cancellation time and departure time of that service.
  • For partial cancellation also, these above conditions will be apply.
  • The fee of the cancellation is calculated based upon the fare of the journey for ticket cancellation.
  • Discounts on the ticket cancellation will be same as procedure given above. The charges of the cancellation depend upon the fare of the ticket and the amount refunded will be less then the cancellation fee.
  • The fee of the reservation is not refunded.
  • Entry Fee, Toll Fee, User Fee, and Bridge fee will be all refunded completely.

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